Gay Marriage - Democracy or a ‘Hypocracy’?

NI: Third bid to redefine marriage
- Article by the Christian Institute.

The Northern Ireland Assembly is to debate redefining marriage at the end of the month, despite the Assembly having twice rejected similar proposals.
- Quote from the above article

What kind of democracy is it when you are forced to vote, debate and choose again and again until you have in ‘their eyes’... chosen correctly.

For it doesn’t matter if it’s joining the EU, breaking-up nation states or redefining the marriages of the majority for the tiny few, if you vote against them you must vote again and again until you give them the answer they want, but once you have shall never be allowed to vote on the issue again.

Thats not a democracy, but an ‘Hypocracy’!

Stormont rejects gay marriage for third time!
- Article by the Christian Institute.

Callum Webster, a spokesman for The Christian Institute, said:

“The people of Northern Ireland are clearly opposed to redefining marriage and it’s only the political elite who are trying to force the change on the Province.”

“Elected representatives have voted three times in less than two years to keep marriage between a man and a woman, so those pushing for gay marriage should take the hint.”

“Just because politicians in Westminster have ridden roughshod over the opinions of hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens and redefined marriage, doesn’t mean Northern Ireland needs to follow suit”.
- Quote from the above article

And again, we all know what would have happened if they had won, the people of Northern Ireland would never have been allowed to vote on the subject again. Yet I fear that within the two or three years they will have to vote on it again and again.... until finally through craft and deceit they force it through. For lawlessness must increase to make way for the lawless one prophesied to come.

A Fifth attempt to force through Gay Marriage in NI.
   - 25th August 2015

Such a drive towards corruption could never have taken place without the consistant promotion of it by the likes of the BBC, who hardly satisfied with gay marriage press on to promote perversity to its ever attentive audience. Remember how a righteous God wouldn’t allow the children of Israel to inherit the land of promised, until the previous inhabitants had filled their cup of sin to overflowing, such is His mercy [2 Peter 3:9]. Yet contrary to the compromising preacher, God’s patience does have an end.

Genesis 15:16
Then in the fourth generation they [Israel] will return here, for the iniquity of the Amorite is not yet full.

Gay marriage:
NI Assembly rejects motion for fourth time.

- Article by the BBC - 27th April 2015

Mark my words, if and when they finally do get it through by craft, bullying or brute force... and even though they will have had at least ‘four votes’ on the issue, once won they will never again allow it to be voted on again.

As the EU to Ireland, what they are really saying is...

Keep on voting guys, until ‘you give us the right answer’.

So much for democracy, which they have turned into a ‘hypocracy’.

A fourth attempt, the second this year.
- Article by the Christian Institute - 19th November 2014

These people have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the will of the masses, only to force upon the majority the will of a tiny minority, even to redefine the marriages of many to incorporate acts that the majority abhor.
And this that the few might be free to misuse the body unhindered by a dying conscience. And again, you can be sure that once forced through by craft, deceit and intrigues... no one will be allowed to so much dare suggest that it should be opposed, or ever voted on again.

Another attempt to force through gay-marriage in NI planned for 2015.
- Article by the Christian Institute - 1st January 2014

Yet another attempt to force gay-marriage on a populace that has again and again expressed their determination to reject gay-marriage. And if they eventually do get it through via craft, deceit and bullying... lets see how many requests to overturn it are even considered in the courts thereafter. This isn’t anything about democracy, the will of the people or inequality... but rather about bowing to the Spirit of lawlessness that we were told would rise in these last days.

2 Thessalonians 2:7
For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way.