Masha Gessen unhappy with new Russian Laws.

I just read an article regarding President Vladimir Putin’s attempt to halt the relentless proselytisation of Children by the LGBT community in Russia.

Here’s the article: Putin Signs Law Banning Gay ‘Propaganda’ Among Children.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

However the Russian sexual minorities rights activist Masha Gessen is so upset by these new laws that she has decided to return to the US where she once fought to promote the LGBT agenda. She and her lesbian partner are concerned that these new Laws could result in their children being taken from them. However she has little to complain about, for having actively worked towards the destruction of the traditional family in the West, you can hardly blame Putin for attempting to thwart the aggressive LGBT agenda in Russia, even the promoting of their deviant lifestyles to Russian minors.

Listen to what type of society Masha Gessen wants us all to live in, and that includes Putin. A society where the marriage that she so earnestly fought to have redefined, is totally destroyed, and we all live in some kind of commune where children are shared between numerous parents. And she wonders why Putin signed a law to protect Russia and it’s children from the likes of her!

Masha Gessen - An activist for the
rights of sexual minorities

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Masha Gessen explains how she wants to destroy the institution of marriage, and actually said that they have lied by saying that it would not be changed when redefined, her words not mine. And she wants a society that would adapt to her current relationship. Where having one of her own children with a man, adopted another... then left him to live with a women impregnated by her brother, no wonder she hates traditional marriage and the normal family unit.

In the West, far from children being being taken away from gay couples, I think it more likely that Christian children will be dragged kicking and screaming out of their parent‘s arms because they refuse to promote same-sex unions, and then cast into the waiting arms of a gay couple.

Only yesterday a friend of mine popped round to discuss some points on scripture. During our discussion on accountability the issue of children came-up. He reminded me that Jewish children could not be held accountable by God for sin under a certain age, naughtiness before their parents maybe, but not accountability regarding salvation. Jesus affirmed this when...

Matthew 18:3
He said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”.

Additionally society itself upholds such principles, most notably in the inability of a court to convict a minor for murder. And who among us would hold a child to account as they would an adult regarding any misadventure? For we all know in our hearts that they can not be held so, not having a complete understanding of the knowledge of ‘good and evil’ as has an adult. It is only after we have acquired this knowledge and chosen the evil, can we be accounted as guilty before God.

However Masha Gessen, Stonewall and the likes seem to believe that Children should be taught at the earliest age that deviant lifestyles are ‘normal’, when clearly they are not. I am confident that if it were not for ‘the restrainer’ in the Church, that being the Holy Spirit... that today many more unpleasantries would be forced upon their innocent minds. Though how they might answer the questions that would arise regarding reproduction in biology I can only guess... recalling the charts and diagrams of my own school years. Yet I am sure they will find a way to make same-sexual acts acceptable in the eyes of children, even though logic itself declares that the human seed was never to dies in human excrement.

It is my view that children should be allowed to grow-up in a ‘normal’ environment, at least until they leave school. Then having their whole lives ahead of them and being accountable for their own actions, make their own choices regarding their sexual orientation, without being indoctrinated into the LGBT lifestyle.