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Permanent - Sticky.

O Muslim, show us your salvation!

Halal Served Cold.

The Rainbow flag is hoisted over Ireland.

Implication by Association.

Tommy Robinson and our Judicial System.

Is the God of the Bible Racist?

The Sacred City.

Is Israel's return the fulfilment of The Millennium?
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You are either with us or with them.
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The Role of a Lesbian Batwomen.

The EU Elections and their Hidden Agenda.

Islamic Relief, Plumbing the Depths.

Site Update.

The Battle for Europe and the World.
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How does Judaism view Christianity & Islam?

Why the Biased?

I Pet Goat.

The End of Antichrist.

O’ Muslim, don’t Die in Your Sins.

Political Correctness and Islam.

Did God Write the Bible or Men?

Abraham’s Two Sons.

We Have Crossed A Line.

Brits wore the Hijab 100 years ago?

How are we Saved?

Damn it, scrap Brexit we forgot about ‘Carlingford Lough’

Muslim Grooming Gangs in Finland.

The Apostasy.

The Mask of Islam Slips.

Religious Persecution.

Did Christ Die to pay for the Sins of Men and Aliens?

A Class in Denial.

Dogs that refuse to bark.

Was it an IN-OUT Referendum?

Gender Equality for Eve.

South Africa and the Human Condition.

Mass Attack.

Well, Imagine My Shock!

The British Judicial System - An Image of Disgrace.

IQ Vs The Foolishness of the Cross.

Coming to the wrong conclusion.

UK Muslim Grooming Gangs exposed.

The God of the Bible vs the god of Islam.

The Children mourn as Ireland celebrates.

Now even the Popes playing ‘The Blame Game’.

The Tale of Two Nations.

Everyone Does What Is Right In Their Own Eyes.

Stoning for Adultery


Why do the Globalists hate Christians so much?

What, Another Syrian Gas Attack?

An Ideology of Victimhood.

Can the Dead visit the Living?

Lord Pearson on Islam.

Lawlessness Cometh as Citizenship is Redefined.

Can God forgive Murder?

What’s Follows Death?

Is Europe heading towards Shariah?

Anti-Christian Bigotry.

Apostasy Rising.

The Fallen State of the LGBT Community.

Christ’s Kingdom on Earth.

BBC Biased Exposed.

The Hypocrisy of RT?

The Only Begotten Son of God.

The World’s End.

The Gospel of Antichrist.

Mortality, Death and Eternal life.

A Glimpse into the Jewish Mindset.

Population Replacement.

The Final Harvest?

The State of the Nation.

Mohammedans in Manchester.

The Rape of Europe.

Why can’t God simply forgive sin?

The Demise of the Male Role.

Reverse Apartheid.

He has risen!

Has Trump joined the ‘Globalists?’

The Signs of Islam Rising.

Cameron’s fruit matures.

The Fruits of the Religion of Peace seen in London.

True Islam on the BBC’s Asian Network.

Whose offer of eternal Life will you accept?

Vault 7 : The Master Blackmailer.

What is Love?

Islam and their Whitewashed Tombs.

What would you do?

Things to consider on Valentine.

The attempted annexation of our Capital.

Our Popular Culture?

Let Them In?

Quran passage denying Jesus is the Son of God read in Church!

Westworld and the return of the Hybrids.

Sin and Death.

The coming enforcement of ‘Global Values’

Deut 18:18 - Jesus or Mohammed?

Do we have a Soul?

The Snooper’s Charter.

The End of the New World Order?

Driven to rule and reign.

A Hard Brexit?

Brexit: Nimrod Rising.

When feelings offend.

RT’s Bank’s closed in the UK as war looms.

Communicating with devils.

The Construction and funding of a New World order.

The Dark forces masquerading behind US Democracy.

Those who love death.

A short overview of Islamic history.

Not many mighty, not many noble, are called.

Work while it is still day because the night cometh.

Sixty year old cleric marries six year old child.

Christian Antichrists.

Our Triune Nature.

The Bastille Celebrations, Islam and the Covenants.

Is CERN the Key of the Abyss?

Cameron, the author of confusion.

Who is really trying to rule the World?

Is God Revealing to us New Truths regarding Gay Marriage?

UFO Disclosure and that Spirit.

Squaring ‘Moderate Islam’ with the life of Mohammed.

EDO’s - Associating Light with Darkness.

A Question of Faith.

Catching a fish with no name.



Am I Going to Hell?

Babylon Rising.

A New World Order.

Credit where credit is due.

Is the Final Exodus about to Begin?


The Zika Virus.

PC - A Weapon of Choice.

The March Against ‘Biblical’ Christianity.

Most to be Pitied?

Beware the Leaven of Pharisaical Islam.

What about the violent verses in the Old Testament?

The Beginning of ‘Soros’.

Racism - A Work of the Flesh.

Jesus is God.

The Prince of the Air Cometh.

The Beginning of Sorrows.

A 5th attempt to force through Gay Marriage.

Obama, A Man of Lawlessness?

Pslam 83 - A Confederacy Looms.


The Compromised.

The Irish choose whom they will serve.

The Eye of Sauron Looks South.

Security, A Convenient Excuse.

A Virtuous Women.

Surviving the Nuke.


The Desensitising of the Soul.

The Great Ship Titanic.

All ‘Faith’ is not of God.

The Blame Game.

A few of the effects of the NWO’s policy of ‘Uncontrolled mass immigration on the UK’

Sins Common to Man.

Resting in the lap of Delilah.

Abortions, an Offering to Molech.

Halloween - A Celebration of Death.

The District Council of the United Kingdom.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Ukraine and The Ten Kingdoms.

God beholds as Sodom revels and Gomorrah prospers.

Life after Death.

Lying Spirit Guides, sent to Deceive.

Young British Muslims Debate Caliphate.

ISIS - The Face of Koranic Islam.

The Millennium and Salvation.

Not ‘Another’ Jesus.

Reset the Net.

The Finer’s Pot.

What is the purpose of the Law?

Gay Marriage - Democracy or a ‘Hypocracy’?

The Dragnet.

Beware the Queen of heaven.

Noah - 2014.

Gay Marriage - Official.

Eat a Celeb.

Deceit Rising.

The Red or the Blue Pill, You Decide.

Corrupting the Genome.

The Opening of the Gates of Hades.

Our Pro Gay Media.

Beware the Men in Black.

Saving the Flesh.

Have you enough oil in your lamp?

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child.

Obama and the Antichrist.

The Beheading of Lee Rigby.

Dr. Michael Brown on homosexuality.

The Blind leading the Blind.
- Gay Marriage.

Cameron’s Fruit.
- A sower went out to sow.

Beware the Kingdom of the Red Dragon

Why So Much Suffering?

Satan’s Human Shield.

Quantum Physics.

Falling Before Beauty.

Modern Babylon’s Cartel.

Masha Gessen unhappy with new Russian Laws.

Europa and the Assyrian.

Who is Your Mediator?

Creeping Lawlessness.

The Coming Deception.

Buying Time.

The Bible, the Koran and the disillusioned.

The Biased BBC

Is the handwriting already on the wall?

The Big Question: Is There a Hell?

Chance and Favour.

An Allegory.

Cameron’s Quadruple Lock.

Our Moral Decline.

The Redefinition of Marriage?

More than Words - Recollections.

Can someone be born gay?

A Quiet and Meek Spirit

Visions of Hell

A Good Heart These Days is Hard to Find

Perishable Goods.

The Thief - TV.

Michael Buerk: The Ethiopian Famine.

The Signs of the Times.

Is Daniel 10 speaking of Jesus?.

The Goodness and Severity of God.

An Ex-Mormon’s Testimony!